We are a video production company in Michigan. Our pricing is primarily based per-hour dependent on what services we provide.  For example, do you need 1 camera or 2 (a production service)? Do you need 2 soft-box lights or 10 (a production service)? Do you need 1 or 10 microphones (a production service)? Do you need us to edit the footage or are you going to try and edit the footage yourself (a post-production service)? Do you want us to animate your logo or create other custom animations (a post-production service)? Do you need help with creating a script (a pre-production service)?Basically it breaks down to Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Obviously we understand that most clients do not know which of these items they need. You can call us when your ready to discuss your project or production and we can assist you with determining your production needs.

The price tables below represent some of our specials and can give you an idea of the costs associated for typical productions with most of our clients.