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60 Second On-Location Video, Voice-Over & Edit


This video package creates a 60 second finished video with professional voice-over and video footage recorded at your location.

Our 60 Second On-Location Video is an affordable and simple video where we create a 60 second finished video using video footage we record at your location edited over a professional voice-over talent. This results in an extremely professional video that you will be proud to use to showcase your business.

This package also includes text, graphics and simple animations. Additionally, the video includes Royalty Free music.



We offer a variety of Video Services (see list below) and we are a local Michigan videographer in Utica, Michigan. We use the latest technologies to make creative videos. Using new technologies such as DSLR cameras, we are able shoot with a shallow depth of field, which makes your video production look like it was shot with camera equipment that costs tens of thousands of dollars.


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Why are videos considered an effective platform for delivering corporate messages?

What outcomes can businesses expect from using corporate videos?  
Businesses can anticipate significant results such as enhanced brand awareness, improved employee engagement, and increased conversion rates, all contributing to overall business growth and brand reinforcement.
In what ways can corporate videos be utilized within a company?  
They serve multiple purposes, from marketing new products and educating employees to introducing key company leaders, demonstrating their versatility in addressing various internal and external communication needs.
What is the storytelling potential of corporate videos?  
Corporate videos excel in weaving narratives that not only inform but also connect on an emotional level with audiences, effectively moving them towards a specific viewpoint or action.
How can corporate videos influence viewer behavior or inspire action?  
Corporate videos have a unique capability to emotionally engage viewers, compelling them to act, whether it’s making a purchase, changing a belief, or adjusting a behavior.
Our 60 Second On-Location Video is an affordable and simple video where we create a 60 second finished video using video footage we record at your location edited over a professional voice-over talent. This results in an extremely professional video that you will be proud to use to showcase your business. Beyond merely showcasing your business, this video format is designed to evoke emotions and inspire action among your audience. The power of a well-crafted video lies in its ability to tell a compelling story, whether you’re introducing a new product, educating your staff, or presenting your new CEO. Each story is told in a way that not only informs but also motivates and engages your viewers, making it an invaluable tool for driving impactful results across various aspects of your corporation.

What services does Michigan Video Production offer to help clients make the most of their video content?

Michigan Video Production offers a variety of Video Services such as TV Commercials, Corporate Videos, Web Videos, Small Business Videos, Health & Safety Industrial Videos, Real Estate Videos, Product Videos, Events, and How-To/Demonstrational & Educational Videos. They provide additional Video Packages for clients to choose from, including options for on-location video shooting, voice-over services, editing, and more. Michigan Video Production’s services aim to help clients create professional and engaging video content to showcase their businesses effectively.

At Michigan Video Production, we handle every step of the video production process, from the initial planning stages to the final upload of the video content. This comprehensive approach ensures that we can tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client, whether they require extensive support throughout the project or just select services. Our commitment to using state-of-the-art equipment and our vast experience allows us to produce content that not only meets professional standards but also engages and captivates the target audience.

Understanding that each client has a unique story to tell, we focus on crafting videos that communicate these stories in the most compelling way possible. We develop a robust plan that is designed not just to reach audiences but to resonate with them on an emotional level, persuading them to take action. This strategic approach guarantees that our video content moves the needle, making the most out of the investment our clients make in their video marketing efforts.

How does Michigan Video Production customize its corporate videographer services based on client needs?

  1. How does Michigan Video Production handle time constraints and deadlines? Michigan Video Production strictly respects all agreed-upon time frames throughout the video production process, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to schedules.
  2. How involved can clients be in the management of the project? Clients have the option to either leave all scheduling and administrative details to Michigan Video Production or to share these responsibilities, depending on their preference.
  3. Can clients contribute their own concepts or scripts? Yes, clients are welcome to bring their own concepts or even a completed script to Michigan Video Production for customization and production.

Michigan Video Production customizes its corporate videographer services based on client needs by offering a variety of video packages tailored to different preferences and budgets. For example, they provide options such as 30-second and 60-second videos with different features like stock footage, on-location shooting, voice-over, and editing. Clients can also choose specific video services from a list including TV commercials, corporate videos, product videos, and more.

Understanding that every client has unique needs, Michigan Video Production offers a highly flexible approach to project management. If your company already has a developed concept or a completed script, you can confidently bring it to Michigan Video Production’s team. They are committed to bringing your vision to the screen while handling or sharing the scheduling and administrative duties as per your preference. This ensures that the service level is exactly what you desire, adapting seamlessly to your project’s specific requirements.

Additionally, Michigan Video Production emphasizes using the latest technologies to enhance the quality of the videos, ensuring a professional and creative result. All time frames will be strictly respected throughout the process, highlighting their understanding of the value of your company’s time. Whether you need complete project handling or just specific services, Michigan Video Production is equipped to deliver top-notch, customized videography solutions that respect both your vision and timelines.